Gaming Pc or Console

Gaming Pc vs Consoles

There has always been a war between the console gamers and the PC gamers. This has been happening since the computers and game consoles both became extremely common household items for anyone to own. In this article we are going to talk about why you should choose a gaming PC instead of a video game console.

First of all we have to say that consoles are not bad at all and they provide the most practical way for gaming. Video game systems like the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox offered players very simple gaming systems that allowed for the ideal plug and play experience and this was always the greatest appeal of the consoles. The problem is that the appeal is no longer there because modern consoles like the PlayStation 3 and 4 or the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one, all require software updates, internet connections and a number of bugs and issues with these updates are always present.

This used to be the main selling point that consoles had over PC’s, but now the consoles are basically PC’s that have been masked as consoles, with the serious disadvantage of not allowing the user to upgrade graphics cards, ram and processing power without having to wait for the next best console.

Owning a top quality gaming PC might be a more expensive initial investment for a video game player, but everything is an advantage after that. New PC gaming systems have very little issues with updates and the games run perfectly without problems. There is also the fact that online gaming is just as optimal with more players in many of the top titles, but let’s get back to the most important reasons why the PC is a better system in the long run.

When you purchase the best current gaming console there will always be a better current gaming PC available. Console technology is upgraded every 5 to 10 years, while PC gaming technology is upgraded almost on a monthly basis. New video cards and processors are out there all the time in order to provide the highest quality of graphics for the games that come out and this means that the PC gamer will not have to wait up to a decade to get better quality.

Gaming on PC also offers the advantage that your computer can be used for many other tasks other than gaming. Consoles are not able to perform much more than playing games and watching movies and browsing the internet with them is not as practical. A custom PC ca become the ultimate home entertainment and Workstation all in one and that is a very practical and useful investment to make.

Gaming computers also have the advantage of being easier to repair and cleanup. You can also come up with a gaming PC that has special cooling systems which allow for optimal gaming without heating problems. With consoles, your upgrades are usually not very effective and if you don’t have proper ventilation they will overheat much faster. PC gaming will open up a much greater set of options in hardware and also in the kind of controllers you want to use for your games.

With all that said, there is no reason why you would prefer a console if you like to have the best graphics and best resolution settings for your video games. Gaming computers are excellent choices for anyone who is interested in being able to get the best results from their gaming experience and you can tweak the game settings much more than you ever could with console titles.